Presenter Registration
People whose abstracts have been accepted for short communications must register by May 10, 2014 (Korean Standard Time: GMT+9), with full payment of the registration fee at the website to be allocated in the session.
Take advantage of Early Advance Registration
Please make sure to register by May 10, 2014 (Korean Standard Time: GMT+9) to take advantage of the reduced registration fees.
Category Early Advance Registration
by May 10, 2014
Advance Registration
by July 10, 2014
Onsite Registration
from August 11, 2014
Full Registration $450 $500 $550
Student $200 $250 $300




Online hotel reservation is available here. Please visit the official website to secure your room. Reservations in advance are highly recommended, as August is a high season in Korea.
Dormitory Reservation
On-line dormitory reservation for the NANUM 2014 (including TOGETHER) grantees is available here. Exclusive rates for the NANUM 2014 (including TOGETHER) grantees have been guaranteed for reservation until May 10, 2014. From May 11 to June 10, 2014, all participants may proceed with remaining dormitory reservations, yet numbers of available rooms may be subject to change.
The online registration to participate in the game with professional Baduk players is available from May 10 to June 10, 2014. For more information, please click here.
The SEOUL ICM 2014 Exhibition offers great opportunities for organizations and companies to promote their activities, products, programs, services or organization. Exhibition Prospectus and Application form are available at the official website. The application for the Exhibition is to be submitted to the secretariat via email at no later than May 31, 2014.
Place Exhibitor Visitor Rates
Society, Institutes and Associations
related to Mathematics and Basic Science, Publishing company and others
Congress Participants Commercial
USD 5,000

USD 2,500
Software industries,
Teaching materials manufacturers, Mathematical experiencing,
IMAGINARY and others
Congress Participants & The Public
(*subject to change)
The SEOUL ICM 2014 welcomes any organizations or companies wishing to support this event. Package sponsorship and exclusive sponsorship are available and they offer various compensation models to meet different needs and to maximize exposure during the Congress. For more information, please visit the official SEOUL ICM 2014 website.
Participants are cordially invited to join optional tours in and around the Congress. Nineteen Optional tour programs can be reserved here.
Early Advance Registration Close
May 10, 2014
Dormitory Reservation Close
May 10, 2014 (for NAMUM grantees)
June 10, 2014 (for All participants)
Hotel Reservation Close
July 10, 2014
Tour Reservation Close
July 13, 2014
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