International Congress of Mathematicians
August 13 - 21, 2014
Coex , Seoul , Korea
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Media Registration
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Media Registration
Key Dates
Opening date of On-line Registration May 3, 2014
Closing date of On-line Registration August 1, 2014
A media personnel with a press ID issued by an active media company can apply to cover the SEOUL ICM 2014. In order to receive media support, a media personnel must complete the application for accreditation before the deadline August 1, 2014 (Korea Standard Time : GMT +9). In some special cases, a person without a press ID could be classified as an academic media personnel if he/she receive a recommendation letter from a director of respectable mathematical institutions to cover ICM news. An academic media personnel has to be fully registered for ICM before applying for media accreditation, and will receive press releases and interview schedules in lieu of full press kit offered to media personnel.
* University newspapers and blog reporters are not subject to Media Registration.
Accredited Media Personnel
Regular Media Personnel Academic Media Personnel
Press ID issued by an active media company

Regular Media Registration Benefits
-Press Kit (Program Book, Interview Schedule, Press Release, Congress Bag,
-Admittance to the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony and
 Welcome Reception, Conference Dinner
-Access to all sessions, exhibitions
-Special Lectures & Public Lectures
-Use Media Center
-Coffee and tea
-Free Wi-Fi
Full registration for SEOUL ICM 2014 Recommendation letter from a director of a mathematical institutions

Academic Media Registration Benefits
-General Registration Benefits
-Interview Schedule
-Press Release
-Use Media Center
*All media personnel must receive confirmation letter to complete media registration. Accredited media personnel are also requested to submit a copy of the confirmation letter and an ID or a business card on site for easy process to check accreditation.
*Accredited media personnel should bring an ID or a passport in order to enter the Opening Ceremony.
Letter of Invitation
An official invitation letter will be sent by the Chair of the ICM 2014 LOC upon request. This personal invitation is intended to facilitate
travel and visa arrangements, which are the sole responsibility registered Media staffs. In order to request an official invitation letter, please complete the media registration process in advance. For a hard copy of the invitation letter, USD 20 should be paid for a postage at on-site registration desk during the congress.
Passport and Visa
Any foreign visitors wishing to enter the Republic of Korea must have a valid passport and, if necessary, obtain a Korean visa prior to entering Korea. However, many are permitted visa-free entry for a limited time under certain conditions. Nationals of those countries or regions with which Korea has signed a visa waiver agreement can enter without a visa, on the condition that they do not engage in remunerative activities during their stay. The homepage of the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade provides information on which countries citizens require a visa. Please contact the Korean Embassy or Consulate in your departure country for further details.
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