International Congress of Mathematicians
August 13 - 21, 2014
Coex , Seoul , Korea
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 How to Register & Online Registration
To Register
This is the online registration page for the 17th IMU General Assembly, which will be held in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea, August 10-11, 2014.
To register for the IMU GA 2014, please complete the IMU GA 2014 Registration Form below. Once you complete the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email with the information you provide through this online registration. You will be able to review and change the details of your registration by logging in with user name and password provided in the confirmation email.
IMU GA 2014 Registration
* If you are registering as a delegate or a representative, you have to be nominated as such by an IMU adhering organization. If your name does not appear on the official list of delegates, your registration will be cancelled.
To Review and Change your registration Details for the 17th IMU General Assembly.
User name
On-Site Registration
For your convenience, we will open the on-site registration desk on August 9 on the ground floor of Hyundai Hotel and Commodore Hotel from 09:00 until 22:00. The on-site registration desk during the GA meetings, August 10th and August 11th, will be located next to the Convention Hall on the first basement level of Hyundai Hotel, where the GA meetings will also take place. You may collect your name tag and conference kit when you register.
* On-Site Registration Desk on August 9th
Date & Time: August 9, 2014 (Saturday), 09:00-22:00
Location: Lobby (1F), Hyundai Hotel & Lobby (1F), Commodore Hotel
* On-Site Registration Desk on August 10th and August 11th
Date & Time: August 10, 2014 (Sunday) 07:00-18:00
August 11, 2014 (Monday) 08:00-12:00
Location: Lobby of Convention Hall (B1F), Hyundai Hotel
Should you have any queries regarding registration, please contact Ms. Moonjoo Ham.
(Email:, Mobile: +82-10-4904-2795)
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