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August 13 - 21, 2014
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Satellite Conferences

Satellite Conferences are the most important scientific activities surrounding the celebration of every ICM. The Parallel Scientific Activities Committee of the ICM 2014 encourages members of the mathematics community to get involved in the organization of scientific meetings and workshops on this occasion.

Proposals for the satellite conferences will be reviewed by the Parallel Scientific Activity Committee of the ICM 2014 LOC and approved by the ICM 2014 EOC. Approved Satellite conferences will be listed on the website of ICM 2014 ( with links to the conference homepage.

Those who plan to organize Satellite Conferences right before or after the ICM may send the following information to the Parallel Scientific Activity Committee at (we encourage them to do so before the end of 2013) :

 •    Name(s) of organizers and their affiliation(s)
 •       An email address of the corresponding person
 •       The title and a brief description of the conference
 •    The intended period and the place of the conference

Please note in advance that, there are a small number of requisites for a meeting in order to be accepted as a Satellite Conference, on top of which is the scientific quality and the interest of the research topics proposed, as well as the previous experience of the organizers. Other criteria to be considered are the following :
 •    The conference may be organized by any scientific group in any of the research areas of current interest in mathematics.
 •    The conference must have a strong international projection, and, therefore, should be well balanced with respect to the participation of local and international specialists.
 •    For strategic reasons, proximity in time to the ICM 2014 is required.

Executive Organizing Committee of ICM 2014 has issued a call for proposals for ICM 2014 Satellite Conferences. Currently all 51 Conferences have been approved, listed at here.

Please note that no more application for a satellite conference will be accepted. 

All participants of a satellite conference with registration fee are eligible for a partial ICM registration fee remission. The remission will be approximately 30% of each satellite conference. The reimbursement will be taken place in COEX.
Note: Please keep the receipt of a satellite conference to receive reimbursement for ICM registration fee.   
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