International Congress of Mathematicians
August 13 - 21, 2014
Coex , Seoul , Korea
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A poster is a display on some flat material, usually stiff paper or cardboard, synthesizing the main points of a mathematical work in a visually attractive layout that can be quickly grasped by other mathematicians.
Please check your postersession schedule, session code and display time with your name and abstract title as below.
Additionally, you may check and download the draft of your abstract book arranged by sections. Your abstract can be revised only when typesetting of the mathematical formula is inconsistent with your original submission. If you want to revise your abstract, please send a tex file of the revised mathematical formulas to until June 24, 2014 (Korea Standard Time: GMT+9).

A last minute change can affect many speakers' schedules. Therefore, the Organizing Committee of SEOUL ICM 2014 asks for your understanding that certain sections have to be scheduled on certain days.
For Guidelines for Poster session, please visit the below webpage.

Poster session place
The place for poster session is Hall C1, Coex.
Poster session schedule
Mounting Display Standing Removal
11:00 - 12:00 12:00 - 18:00 16:00 - 17:00 18:00 - 19:00
Sections  Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5 Day6
8.14(Thu) 8.15(Fri) 8.16(Sat) 8.18(Mon) 8.19(Tue)
1. Logic and Foundations P01        
2. Algebra P02        
3. Number Theory P03        
4. Algebraic and Complex Geometry   P04      
5. Geometry P05        
6. Topology   P06      
7. Lie Theory and Generalizations   P07      
8. Analysis and its Applications   P08      
9. Dynamical Systems and Ordinary Differential Equations     P09    
10. Partial Differential Equations     P10    
11. Mathematical Physics     P11    
12. Probability and Statistics     P12    
13. Combinatorics       P13  
14. Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science       P14  
15. Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing       P15  
16. Control Theory and Optimization         P16
17. Mathematics in Science and Technology         P17
18. Mathematics Education and Popularization of Mathematics         P18
19. History of Mathematics       P19  
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All Sections - Final Version (August 30)
1. Logic and Foundations
2. Algebra
3. Number Theory
4. Algebraic and Complex Geometry
5. Geometry
6. Topology
7. Lie Theory and Generalizations
8. Analysis and its Applications
9. Dynamical Systems and Ordinary Differential Equations
10. Partial Differential Equations
11. Mathematical Physics
12. Probability and Statistics
13. Combinatorics
14. Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science
15. Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
16. Control Theory and Optimization
17. Mathematics in Science and Technology
18. Mathematics Education and Popularization of Mathematics
19. History of Mathematics
Poster Session Code
Poster Code Abstract Title First Name Last Name Organization Country
P01 P01-01 On two problems from "Hyperidentities and Clones" Gerhard Paseman Sheperd Systems USA
P01-02 Binary number of Shào-Yōng in Leibniz Gun-won Lee The American Mathematical Society Republic of Korea
P01-03 Sight realizability: the arithmetic in subtoposes of the effective topos Sori Lee University of Cambridge UK
P01-04 The numbering in terms of hexagram in Leibniz Gunwon Lee AMS Republic of Korea
P02 P02-01 Structure of semirings vasanthi tatimakula yogi vemana university India
P02-02 On jb-semigroups Joemar Endam Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology Philippines
P02-03 Unit elements of the group algebra FD_{2m} Manju Khan Indian Institute of Technology Ropar India
P02-04 A note on completeness and strongly clean rings Shelly Garg Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali-140306 India
P02-05 A survey of strongly clean matrix rings Mandar Bhanushe University of Mumbai India
P02-06 Gorenstein derived categories and recollements Javad Asadollahi University of Isfahan, Isfahan Iran
P02-07 A Cayley-Hamilton trace identity for 2 x 2 matrices over Lie-solvable rings Leon Van wyk Stellenbosch University South Africa
P02-08 Centralizers in homogeneous finitary symmetric groups Busra Guven Middle East Technical University Turkey
P02-09 Certain relations on rings and hyperrings Bijan Davvaz Yazd University Iran
P02-10 $Q-$conjugacy character table of finite groups Seyed Ali Reza


University of Kashan Iran
P02-11 On the structure of numerical sparse semigroups and applications to Weierstrass points Paula Murgel Veloso UFF Brazil
P02-12 The generalized Cartan-Dieudonne theorem Ralph De la cruz University of the Philippines Diliman Philippines
P02-13 Prime submodules of a free modules over a principle ideal domain Khaerudin Saleh Algebra Research Group, Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Sciences ITB Indonesia
P02-14 Strengthened condition of principally right hereditary radical to be principally left hereditary radical Oyuntsetseg Lkhangaa Institute of Mathematics Mongolia
P02-15 A new characterization of finite simple groups Mahnaz Foroudi ghasemabadi Tarbiat Modares University Iran
P02-16 On almost prime submodules of a module over a principal ideal domain I.G.A.W. Wardhana Institut Teknologi Bandung Indonesia
P02-17 Forbidden configurations of deletable elements in finite lattices VILAS KHARAT Univ. of Pune India
P02-18 Cartier's duality for algebraic semigroups Alberto Navarro ICMat Spain
P02-19 On integral representations of finite groups and some applications Dmitry Malinin UWI, Mona campu Jamaica
P02-20 Cyclic involutions on central simple algebras Sergey Tikhonov Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Belarusian State University Belarus
P02-21 Sum of two complex orthogonal matrices Daryl Granario University of the Philippines-Diliman Philippines
P02-22 The Cartan Dieudonné Scherk theorems for complex $S$-orthogonal matrices Kennett Dela Rosa Institute of Mathematics University of the Philippines Diliman Philippines
P02-23 Attached primes of artinian local cohomology modules under localization and completion Thi thanh nhan Le Thai Nguyen College of Sciences Vietnam
P02-24 On the top local cohomology modules Do Minh Chau Tran Thai Nguyen College of Education Vietnam
P02-25 Properties of different prime radicals of monoid modules Nico Groenewald Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University South Africa
P02-26 Finite non-universal osborn loops Olusola Adeniran National Mathematical Centre Nigeria
P02-27 Vector-circulant matrices over finite fields and related codes Somphong Jitman Silpakorn University Thailand
P02-28 Regular matrices and their generalized inverses Seok-Zun Song Jeju National University Republic of Korea
P02-29 Number of solutions of equations of Weil type on finite symmetric matrices Ma Nerissa Abara University of the Philippines Diliman Philippines
P02-30 Monomial localizations and polymatroidal ideals Somayeh Bandari Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (IPM) Iran
P02-31 Composite field with normal basis Nopendri Nopendri Institut Teknologi Bandung Indonesia
P02-32 Better certificates of positivity in the Bernstein basis Fatima Boudaoud Oran University Senia Algeria
P02-33 A classification of $\mathcal A_3$-groups and its application Qinhai Zhang Shanxi Normal University China
P02-34 On the structure of Leavitt path algebras HAMED ALSULAMI King Abdulaziz University Saudi Arabia
P02-35 Inductive systems of representations with small highest weights for natural embeddings of symplectic groups Anna Osinovskaya Institute of Mathematics, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Belarus
P02-36 Connection between complemented, continuous, and pure modules. Sri Wahyuni Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Indonesia
P02-37 The structure of the unit loops of finite loop algebras of $RA2$ loops Swati Sidana Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India India
P02-38 Steiner triple systems from algebraic point of view Izabella Stuhl University of Sao Paulo Brazil
P02-39 Type A quiver loci and Schubert varieties Jenna Rajchgot University of Michigan USA
P02-40 The quasi-Hopf algebra $Qu_q(sl_2)$ Gongxiang Liu Nanjing University China
P02-41 A note on generalizations of quasi-Frobenius rings Thoang Le duc Department of Mathematics, Phu Yen University, Socialist Republic of Vietnam Vietnam
P03 P03-01 Fermat's last theorem and convex regular polytopes Aseem Bhagwat Indian Statistical Institute India
P03-02 A new elementary approach to Fermat's last theorem Aseem Bhagwat Indian Statistical Institute India
P03-03 Constacyclic codes over finite fields Madhu Raka Panjab University, Chandigarh India
P03-04 On a classical conjecture of minkowski Leetika Kathuria Panjab University, Chandigarh India
P03-05 On some characterizations of arithmetical functions Debashis Bhattacharjee North-Eastern Hill University India
P03-06 Was Pierre Fermat wrong? Albert Khabelashvili member of the seminar on history of mathematics Russian Federation
P03-07 The prime sextuplets are infinite Jiaji Qiu Beijing Tiantan Hospital China
P03-08 Prime number has regular patterns Letian Ma Ciming health China
P03-09 Group sieve for sequence of exponential type Haoling Hou Sun Yat-sen University China
P03-10 Group sieve for sequences of iterative type Wenxiang Cai Student(Undergraduate) China
P03-11 Monogeneity of totally real algebraic extension fields over a cyclotomic field Nadia Khan FAST National university peshawar campus Pakistan
P03-12 On the fundamental units and a lower estimate of the class numbers of real quadratic fields Rabia Qureshi FAST National Uiversity of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Peshawar Campus Pakistan
P03-13 Self-dual extended split group codes Lilibeth Valdez University of the Philippines Philippines
P03-14 A new identity which Ramanujan probably missed Susil Kumar Jena KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha India
P03-15 On Galois cohomology of reductive groups over global function fields and its applications Quoc Thang Nguyen Institute of Mathematics Vietnam
P03-16 Prime number generation and factor elimination Vineet Kumar Indian Institute of Technology, BHU India
P03-17 Ring extensions and primality Tony Ezome Universite des Sciences et Techniques de Masuku (USTM), Faculte des Sciences Gabon
P03-18 An application of measure theory to the digital sum problems for certain code Tatsuya Okada Fukushima Medical University Japan
P04 P04-01 Vector bundles associated to monads on multiprojective spaces Damian Maingi University of Nairobi Kenya
P04-02 Elliptic fibrations on algebraic K3 surfaces and self correspondences Fanomezantsoa Patrick Rabarison Faculty of Sciences- University of Antananarivo Madagascar
P04-03 Computation of Shabat polynomials of a class of bicoloured plane trees Koundinya Vajjha Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore India
P04-04 Rank two vector bundles with canonical determinant and few sections Graciela Reyes-Ahumada Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Mexico
P04-05 Bi-symplectic $\mathbb{N}$Q-algebras of weight 1 David Fernandez CSIC Spain
P04-06 Moduli of multitrivial framed sheaves Olaf Teschke FIZ Karlsruhe Germany
P04-07 Birational classification of algebraic curves on irrational ruled surfaces by mixed plurigenera Osamu Matsuda GENERAL EDUCATION Japan
P04-08 The regularity of the tangential Cauchy-Riemann operator and geometric applications Alla Sargsyan Quantum College Armenia
P04-09 Convexity of supports of the grossberg-karshon twisted cubes Jihyeon Jessie Yang McMaster University Canada
P05 P05-01 Affine harmonic maps Fatma muazzez Simsir Associate Prof. Dr. Turkey
P05-02 Fiber-base decomposition of special warped-like manifolds with exceptional holonomy Selman Uguz Harran University Turkey
P05-03 Critical values of calibrations and minimal submanifolds Ibrahim Unal Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus Turkey
P05-04 Study of hemi-slant submanifolds as warped products in nearly Kaehler manifolds KAMRAN KHAN Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh India
P05-05 Poisson structures on Weil bundles Basile Guy Richard BOSSOTO Marien NGOUABI University, Brazzaville Congo
P05-06 Charged-particle motion around a rotating non-Kerr black hole immersed in a uniform magnetic field Ahmadjon Abdujabbarov Institute of Nuclear Physics, Tashkent, Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
P05-07 Particle motion and electromagnetic fields of rotating compact gravitating objects with gravitomagnetic charge Ahmadjon Abdujabbarov Institute of Nuclear Physics, Tashkent, Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
P05-08 Almost $α$-paracosymplectic manifolds Cengizhan Murathan Uludag University Turkey
P05-09 Surfaces with pointwise 1-type Gauss map in $E^4$ Betul Bulca Uludag University Art and Science Faculty Mathematics Department Turkey
P05-10 Geometric flows and the Chern-Simons invariant FAEN WU Beijing jiaotong university China
P05-11 On $W_4$-flatness of some classes of generalizations of Einstein manifolds Dennis Leyson University of the Philippines - Diliman Philippines
P05-12 Hyperbolic manifolds built on geometries of their cusps: methods and examples Florin Damian Moldova State University Moldova
P05-13 Palindromic width of finitely generated groups Krishnendu Gongo
IISER Mohali India
P05-14 Minkowski set operators Daniela Velichova Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Slovakia
P05-15 Hopf hypersurfaces in complex two-plane Grassmannians related to the structure Jacobi operator Imsoon Jeong Kyungpook National University Republic of Korea
P05-16 The harmonicity of the reeb vector field on paracontact metric three manifolds Irem Kupeli erken Uludag University Art and Science Faculty Mathematics Department Turkey
P05-17 Parallelism on Jacobi operators in complex two-plane Grassmannians Eunmi Pak Kyungpook National University Republic of Korea
P05-18 Affine osserman $3$-manifolds Abdoul Salam Diallo African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Senegal
P05-19 On SNS-Riemannian connections in sub-Riemannian manifolds Peibiao Zhao Nanjing University of Science and Technology China
P05-20 Hypersurfaces in pseudo-Euclidean spaces satisfying $L_k\psi=A\psi+b$ Hector fabian Ramirez
Universidad de Murcia Spain
P05-21 Height estimates and half-space theorems for spacelike hypersurfaces in generalized Robertson–Walker spacetimes Sandra carolina Garcia
Universidade do Sao Paulo Brazil
P05-22 Some Bonnesen-style inequalities for surfaces of constant curvature Wenxue Xu Southwest University China
P05-23 Geominimal surface area and its extension Baocheng Zhu Hubei University for Nationalities China
P05-24 A proof of the Kepler’s conjecture Tianshu Zhang Nanhai west oil corporation, China offshore petroleum China
P05-25 Dimensional curvature identities on pseudo-Riemannian geometry Jose Navarro Universidad de Extremadura Spain
P05-26 Normal holonomy of $CR$-submanifolds Francisco Vittone Universidad Nacional de Rosario Argentina
P05-27 Analytical methods for squaring the disc Chamberlain Fong Actify Inc. USA
P05-28 Isoperimetric problems in a sector Anh tuan Dang University of Science Vietnam
P05-29 A new visualization of the homology sphere Renate Quehenberger Quantum Cinema Austria
P05-30 Magnetic curves in quasi-Sasakian manifolds Ana irina Nistor Technical University of Iasi Romania
P05-31 A ramsey type problem in geometry Yuree Kim Phillips Exeter Academy USA
P05-32 Critical point equation on four-dimensional compact manifold Ernani De sousa
ribeiro junior
Universidade Federal do Ceara Brazil
P05-33 Homogeneous geodesics on pseudo-Riemannian nilmanifolds Viviana Del barco Universidad Nacional de Rosario Argentina
P05-34 Qbotics: an experimental geometry based on rhombicdodecahedron Alejandro Baranek Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning University of Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA Argentina
P05-35 Periodic magnetic trajectories in elliptic Sasakian space forms Marian Ioan Munteanu Al. I. Cuza University of Iasi Romania
P06 P06-01 Topological social choice model Isaac Owusu-
University of Education, Winneba Ghana
P06-02 Quasi-metric tree in $T_0$-quasi-metric space Olivier Olela Otafudu North-West University South Africa
P06-03 Tight triangulated manifolds Basudeb Datta Indian Institute of Science India
P06-04 Twisted k-theory for proper actions on discrete groups Mario Velasquez Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Mexico
P06-05 Minimal crystallizations of 3-manifolds Biplab Basak Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore India
P06-06 Strong cohomological rigidity of quasitoric manifolds with second Betti number 2 Seonjeong Park National Institute for Mathematical Sciences Republic of Korea
P06-07 Relationship between metric space and topological space Sodiq akande Adio UNIVERSITY OF MINNA Nigeria
P06-08 0-graphic flow Youngkey Kim dean of graduate school of education Republic of Korea
P06-09 On Gauss diagrams of symmetric knots Insook Lee Kyungpook national university Republic of Korea
P06-10 On kinoshita conjecture Seonmi Choi Kyungpook National University Republic of Korea
P06-11 Fibrewise analogues of Arutyunov's theorem Thi Hong Van Nguyen Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam
P06-12 Universal objects in some classes of free $G$-spaces Natella Antonyan Tecnologico de Monterrey, CCM Mexico
P06-13 A written proof of the four-colors map problem Tianshu Zhang Nanhai west oil corporation, China offshore petroleum China
P06-14 Artin braid groups and crystallographic groups Oscar Ocampo Federal University of Bahia Brazil
P06-15 The number of isotopies of tight contact structures on the thickened hyperboilc surface Juhyun Lee Research Fellow Republic of Korea
P06-16 On equivariant extensions of differential forms for non-compact Lie groups Bernardo Uribe Universidad del Norte Colombia
P07 P07-01 Non-abelian tensor product of Lie superalgebras Xabier Garcia-
University of Santiago de Compostela Spain
P07-02 On the symmetry of second and third order stochastic differential equations Sasikarn Sakulrang King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok / 1518 Pracharat 1 Rd, Bangsue, Bangkok, 10800 Thailand
P07-03 An invariant approach to the classification problem of finite dimensional complex filiform Leibniz algebras Isamiddin Rakhimov Universiti Putra Malaysia Malaysia
P07-04 Combinatorics on Auslander-Reiten quiver and the generalized quantum affine Schur-Weyl duality: Type A and D Se-jin Oh Seoul National University Republic of Korea
P07-05 Young walls and graded dimension formulas for finite quiver Hecke algebras of type $A^{(2)}_{2\ell}$ and $D^{(2)}_{\ell+1}$ Euiyong Park University of Seoul Republic of Korea
P07-06 Infinitesimal deformations of naturally graded filiform Leibniz algebras Abror Khudoy-
Institute of Mathematics Uzbekistan
P07-07 Some remarks on Leibniz algebras whose semisimple part related with $sl_2$ Ikboljon Karimjanov Institute of Mathematics Uzbekistan
P07-08 Solvable Leibniz algebras with filiform nilradical Kamilyam Masutova Institute of Mathematics Uzbekistan
P08 P08-01 Generalized common fixed point result in fuzzy metric space Kanhaiya JHA Kathmandu University Nepal
P08-02 Hardy-type inequalities via superquadracity James Adedayo Oguntuase Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria Nigeria
P08-03 Properties of univalent functions with missing coefficient of alternating type Deborah Makinde Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria Nigeria
P08-04 The embedding theorems for the functions of the Morrey-type spaces Mekhribanu Zhainibekova L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University Kazakhstan
P08-05 Approximation of functions of several variables of bounded $P$-fluctuation by polynomials with respect to multiplicative systems Nurzhan Bokayev Mathematics and Mechanics Kazakhstan
P08-06 About the relations between best approximation in different mixed norms Erkara Aidos L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University Kazakhstan
P08-07 Certain properties for the extended generalized Appell's and Lauricella's hypergeometric functions Praveen Agarwal Anand International College of Engineering, Jaipur India
P08-08 A revisit on Strichartz's result on a generalization of Wiener's characterization of continuous measures Akon abokon berenger patrick Kpata Nangui Abrogoua University Ivory Coast
P08-09 On weyl's spectrum for some classes of operators in Hilbert spaces Beth Kiratu university of nairobi Kenya
P08-10 Heat flow and an algebra of Toeplitz operators Agbor dieudonne Agbor University of Buea Cameroon
P08-11 Spectrum of endomorphisms of finite dimensional Kaplansky-Hilbert modules Jasurbek Karimov National University of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
P08-12 Uncertainty principle Neyaz Sheikh National Institute of Technology India
P08-13 On a q-analog Kummer's second summation theorem and its application Harsh vardhan Harsh Amity University Rajasthan India
P08-14 On a subclass of $p$-valent analytic functions involving fractional $q$-calculus operators Sunil Dutt Purohit Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology India
P08-15 Uniform version of Wiener-Tauberian theorem Chet Raj Bhatta Tribhuvan University,Kirtipur,Kathmandu,Nepal Nepal
P08-16 Generalized quasi-variational-like inequalities for pseudo-monotone type II operators on non-compact sets Mohammad showkat rahim Chowdhury University of Management and Technology (UMT) Pakistan
P08-17 Fourier transform versus Hilbert transform Elijah Liflyand Bar-Ilan University Israel
P08-18 On spectral zeta functions of a non-local Laplacian Durvudkhan Suragan King's College London UK
P08-19 Strong convergence theorems for a common fixed point of a finite family of quasi-nonexpansive multivalued mappings Ngalla Djitte Gaston Berger University, Saint Louis Senegal
P08-20 On the Stability of the functional equation with a cocycle related to distance measures Gwang hui Kim Kangnam University Republic of Korea
P08-21 Beurling-Deny correspondence of a class of quantum Markov semigroups and the associated operator-valued Dirichlet forms Lunchuan Zhang Lunchuan Zhang, School of Information Science, Renmin University of China, Beijing,100872, China China
P08-22 Generalized integrals in the coefficient problem for some multiple orthogonal series Valentin Skvortsov Moscow State University Russian Federation
P08-23 Estimation of operator monotone functions Mohammad Sal Moslehian Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Iran
P08-24 To theory one class of two-dimensional complex integral equation with boundary singularity and logarithmic singularity in kernels Nusrat Rajabov Tajik National University, Research Institute Tadjikistan
P08-25 On growth of polynomials Kum kum Dewan JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA (A CENTRAL UNIVERSITY) India
P08-26 A study Caushy type problems for the one class two-dimensional integral equation of Volterra type with two singular boundary lines Lutfya Radzhabova Tajik Technical University Tadjikistan
P08-27 The Birkhoff-James orthogonality to matrix subspaces Priyanka Grover INDIAN STATISTICAL INSTITUTE, DELHI India
P08-28 Fundamental solutions of pseudodifferential equations attached to quadratic forms over $p$-adic fields Jeanneth Galeano-
Universidad Nacional de Colombia Colombia
P08-29 Studies on fuzzy normed linear space valued statistically convergent sequences Paritosh Das Rangia College India
P08-30 The alternative analysis: the new results and some problems Alexander Sukhotin National Reseach Tomsk Polytechnik University Russian Federation
P08-31 Cyclic compactness of the sets from $L_p$ - modules. Bakhodir Rakhimov National Universiti of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
P08-32 On geodesic geometry in (asymptotic) Teichmüller spaces Guowu Yao Tsinghua University China
P08-33 The second-order Eulerian derivative of a shape functional of a free boundary problem Jerico Bacani University of the Philippines Baguio Philippines
P08-34 Harmonic analysis on H-type groups Sajith Govindan-
S S College Areacode India
P08-35 Spaces and classes of functions with non Euclidean measures Luis manuel Tovar ESFM-IPN Mexico
P08-36 2-Local derivations on von Neumann algebras Shavkat Ayupov Institute of Mathematics, National University of Uzbekistan, Director Uzbekistan
P08-37 Differential subordinations and superordinations for general analytic integral operators Teodor Bulboaca Babes-Bolyai University, 40084 Cluj-Napoca Romania
P08-38 Composition operators and their iterated Aluthge transforms on the Hardy space Yoenha Kim Ewha Womans University Republic of Korea
P08-39 Wavelet reconstruction formula, which does not require the admissibility condition Elena Lebedeva Saint Petersburg State University Russian Federation
P08-40 Iterated trilinear fourier integrals with arbitrary symbols Joeun Jung Cornell University USA
P08-41 Asymptotic behavior of Markov operator nets on the predual of von Neumann algebras Nazife Erkursun Selcuk University Turkey
P08-42 Riesz potential operator in continual variable exponents Herz spaces Humberto Rafeiro Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Colombia
P08-43 Topological division algebrs which are topologically isomorphic to the field of complex numbers Mati Abel University of Tartu Estonia
P08-44 Harmonic univalent maps on hyperbolic domains Rosihan M. Ali Universiti Sains Malaysia Malaysia
P08-45 Optimal embeddings of Sobolev-Orlicz and Calderon-Orlicz spaces Davaadulam Jamsranjav Assistant professor, School of Science, National University of Mongolia Mongolia
P08-46 Some properties of the neighborhoods $N_\theta(t)$ in the strong topology of \v{S}erstnev spaces Bernardo Lafuerza-
University of Almeria Spain
P08-47 On the analytic extension of the functions along a family of complex lines Moxira Vaisova Urgench State university Uzbekistan
P08-48 Some applications of differential subordination and superordination for analytic functions Tamer Seoudy Mathematics Department, Faculty of Science, Fayoum University Egypt
P08-49 Several recent results involving some special functions Junesang Choi Dongguk University (Gyeongju) Republic of Korea
P08-50 Regularization methods and iterative methods for variational inequality with accretive operators Thi thu thuy Nguyen College of Sciences, Thai Nguyen University Vietnam
P08-51 Implicit functions and implicit parametrizations: generalized solutions Dan Tiba Romanian Academy Romania
P08-52 Investigation of some invariants of two-parametrical families of real function Andrzej Wrzesien Higher Vocational State School in Kalisz Poland Poland
P08-53 Applications of weak monotonicity in number series and Hardy inequalities Maria Zeltser Tallinn University Estonia
P08-54 Combined real and imaginary zero sets of meromorphic functions James D. Walker Southwest Research Institute USA
P08-55 Generalized typically real functions Stanislawa Kanas University of Rzeszow Poland
P08-56 On the average values of convex functions Gholam Roqia Government College University, Faisalabad Pakistan
P08-57 Univalent harmonic functions with domains convex in horizontal or vertical direction Poonam Sharma University of Lucknow India
P08-58 A new foundation of analysis with heterogeneous infinitesimals Feng Hong Supernovas Software Co., Ltd. China
P09 P09-01 Dynamics of a food web model with parasitic fungi and zooplankton Alexis Erich Almocera University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus Philippines
P09-02 The paradox of contact tracing on the transmission dynamics of endemic infectious diseases Julius Tumwiine Mbarara University of Science and Technology Uganda
P09-03 Notes on measure expansivity for flows Jumi Oh Chungnam National University Republic of Korea
P09-04 Dynamic response of finite Rayleigh beams with variable prestress to traveling distributed loads. Emem ayankop Andi Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna. Kaduna State. Nigeria
P09-05 A mixed convection non-Darcy boundary layer flow over a vertical wall embedded in a porous medium with variable viscosity Eunice Mureithi University of Dar es Salaam United Republic of Tanzania
P09-06 Robust numerical simulation of a mathematical model of HIV related cancer-immune system interactions Albert Shikongo University of the Western Cape South Africa
P09-07 Quantum stochastic evolutions with nonlocal condition Michael Ogundiran Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Nigeria
P09-08 On semiconjugate rational functions Fedor Pakovich Ben Gurion University Israel
P09-09 Maintenance of glucose level in diabetes using vitamin d : a mathematical model Saloni Rathee Delhi Technological University India
P09-10 Convective heat transfer and MHD flow in the presence of carbon nanotubes over a stretching surface Sohail Nadeem Quaid-i-Azam University Pakistan
P09-11 Asymptotic properties of Emden-Fowler differential equations Julka Knezevic-
Belgrade University Serbia
P09-12 The periodic solutions of goryachev-chaplygin problem Fawzy Elsabaa Ain Shams University Egypt
P09-13 Weighted Hardy-type dynamic inequalities on time scales Ramy R. Mahmoud Faculty of Science-Fayoum University Egypt
P09-14 Asymptotic integration of linear boundary value problem for a singularly perturbed differential equation with multiple spectrum Abubakir Dzhuraev Mathematica Kyrgyzstan
P09-15 Synchronization for coupled Lorenz equations Jui-Pin Tseng National Pingtung University of Education Taiwan
P09-16 Dynamics of a continuum Hindmarsh-Rose type equation with recurrent neural feedback Shyanshiou Chen National Taiwan Normal University Taiwan
P09-17 Quantum dynamical systems for repeatedly Interacting harmonic oscillators Hiroshi Tamura Kanazawa University Japan
P09-18 Epidemic spreading of an SIRS model in clustered scale-free networks Chun-Hsien Li National Kaohsiung Normal University Taiwan
P09-19 Method of the structural matching and its application Keldibay Alymkulov Osh State University Kyrgyzstan
P09-20 Substitution tilings without finite local complexity Jeong-yup Lee Kwandong University Republic of Korea
P09-21 On the valuation of banks as growth enterprises Alfred Owoloko Covenant University Nigeria
P09-22 Local dynamics at superattracting points of polynomial skew products Kohei Ueno General Education Japan
P09-23 Fractional boundary value problem with fractional Lidstone conditions Rabah Khaldi University Badji Mokhtar Annaba Algeria
P09-24 Exact solutions of modified Emden equation Motlatsi Molati National University of Lesotho Lesotho
P09-25 On the construction of three-multiple limit cycles for planar vector fields Aliaksandr Hryn Head of Department of Algebra, Geometry and Methodics of Teaching Mathematics Belarus
P09-26 Analysis of optimal control of HIV/AIDS in the presence of three infective groups Baba Seidu University for development studies Ghana
P09-27 Generic minimality and almost sure conservativity for a family of dynamical systems on the cylinder S¹×Z Alba Marina Malaga
PhD student France
P09-28 Transcendental entire functions of slow growth with prescribed polynomial dynamics Masashi Kisaka Kyoto University Japan
P09-29 A vector SIS malaria model in a patchy environment with age structure Josephine Kagunda University of Nairobi, Kenya Kenya
P09-30 Inverse problems for Sturm-Liouville operators with Bessel-type singularity inside an interval Alexey Fedoseev Saratov State University Russian Federation
P09-31 Mathematical modelling of nonlinear dynamics of AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma cancerous growth Joseph Ssebuliba Makerere University Uganda
P10 P10-01 Resolution on n-order functional-differential equations with operator coefficient and delay in hilbert spaces Chan Roath Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport Cambodia
P10-02 Non-local boundary value problem for the mixed type equations on the third order in double-connected domains Abdullayev Obidjon National University of Uzbekictan Uzbekistan
P10-03 A multi-phase segmentation approach to the electrical impedance tomography problem Renier Mendoza Karl Franzens University of Graz Austria
P10-04 Diffusion around a vanishing suspension with total mass of unity order Fadila Bentalha University of Batna Algeria
P10-05 On the nonlocal diffusion equation with competition between a nonlocal source and damping terms Armel Andami
Universite des Sciences et Techniques de Masuku Gabon
P10-06 Numerical analysis for the motion of a self-propelled deformable structure in a fluid Loredana Balilescu and Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Pitesti Romania
P10-07 Existence of periodic travelling wave solutions for a nonlinear system of coupled differential equations of mixed type Jose Quintero Universidad del Valle Colombia
P10-08 Local solvability of a system of equations related to Ricci-flat K\"ahler metrics Jose Ernie Lope University of the Philippines Diliman Philippines
P10-09 The direct and inverse problems for the families of Sturm-Liouville and Dirac operators Tigran Harutyunyan Yerevan State University Armenia
P10-10 Pseudo differential equations and boundary value problems on manifolds with singular points and submanifolds Vladimir Vasilyev Lipetsk State Technical University Russian Federation
P10-11 Dynamical behavior of Kolmogorov-Petrovsky-Piskunov(KPP) equation with fractal memory Mamadsho Ilolov Academy of sciences Tadjikistan
P10-12 Homogenization of quasilinear parabolic problems by the method of rothe and two scale convergence Emmanuel Kwame Essel Mathematics Association of Ghana Ghana
P10-13 Selfsimilar solutions for the fragmentation equation Giancarlo Breschi ICMAT - CSIC Spain
P10-14 Robin boundary value problem of n-order elliptic systems in the plane with Fuchian differential operator Aliaskar Tungatarov Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty Kazakhstan
P10-15 On surface associated to onesoliton solution of nonlinear Schrodinger equation Zhanat Zhunussova Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty Kazakhstan
P10-16 Viscoelastic modulus reconstruction using time harmonic vibrations Liangdong Zhou Yonsei University China
P10-17 Attractors and pullback-attractors of hydrodynamic equations Victor Zvyagin Voronezh State University Russian Federation
P10-18 Solvability of one thermo-viscoelastic model Andrei Zviagin Voronezh State University Russian Federation
P10-19 Quasiconvexification of some functionals in the calculus of variations Omar Boussaid Chlef University Algeria
P10-20 Homogenization of a quasilinear elliptic problem with nonlinear Robin boundary conditions Bituin Cabarrubias Institute of Mathematics, University of the Philippines Diliman Philippines
P10-21 Measure estimates of nodal sets of bi-harmonic functions Xiaoping Yang Nanjing University of Science and Technology China
P10-22 Production of dissipative vortices by solid bodies in incompressible fluid flows: comparison between Prandtl, Navier-Stokes and Euler solutions Marie Farge Ecole Normale Superieure France
P10-23 Some convergence estimates for abstract second order differential equations with two small parameters Galina Rusu Moldova State University Moldova
P10-24 Anomaly depth detection in trans-admittance mammography: a formula independent of anomaly size or admittivity contrast Tingting Zhang Yonsei University China
P10-25 To the numerical and asymptotical investigation of the reaction-diffusion system Shakhlo Sadullaeva Tashkent University of Information Technologies Uzbekistan
P10-26 Non-local boundary value problem with integral gluing condition for mixed type equation involving Caputo fractional derivative Erkinjon Karimov National University of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
P10-27 Boundary value problems for the third order loaded parabolic-hyperbolic equation with a variable coefficients Umida Baltaeva Urgench State University Uzbekistan
P10-28 Computer extension and analytic continuation of problem of steady viscous flow in slender tube Nagaraj Katagi Department of Mathematics, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal India
P10-29 Spectral properties of boundary problems with integral gluing conditions for mixed parabolic-hyperbolic type equation Abdumauvlen Berdyshev Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University Kazakhstan
P10-30 Unconditional stability of a nonlinear diffusion model Saravanan Shanmugam Bharathiar University India
P10-31 On a volume-constrained variational problem using a penalization method Rhudaina Mohammad Kanazawa University Japan
P10-32 Spacetime bounds for semilinear wave equations Giuseppe Negro UAM Madrid Spain
P10-33 $\alpha$-Gauss curvature flows Lami Kim Hokkaido University Japan
P10-34 Existence and stability of standing waves for nonlinear fractional Schrödinger equations with Hartree type nonlinearity Dan Wu Hunan University China
P10-35 A finite element method for solving viscous compressible flow and gas-solid IRLA MANTILLA UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE INGENIERIA Peru
P11 P11-01 On the recent developments of magic squares in physics and engineering Hossein Behforooz Utica College USA
P11-02 A suggested mathematical perspective for the EPR argument Bhupinder Singh Anand None India
P11-03 Force on a boundary in an inviscid potential flow Ohn Mar Mandalay University Myanmar
P11-04 Similarity solutions for unsteady flow behind an exponential shock in an axisymmetric rotating non-ideal gas G. Nath Moti lal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad India
P11-05 External electromagnetic fields of a slowly rotating magnetized star with gravitomagnetic charge Bobomurat Ahmedov Institute of Nuclear Physics Uzbekistan
P11-06 Test particle motion around a black hole in a braneworld Ahmadjon Abdujabbarov Institute of Nuclear Physics, Tashkent, Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
P11-07 Electromagnetic fields outside an oscillating relativistic star Bobomurat Ahmedov Institute of Nuclear Physics Uzbekistan
P11-08 Particle acceleration around a five-dimensional Kerr black hole Ahmadjon Abdujabbarov Institute of Nuclear Physics, Tashkent, Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
P11-09 Electromagnetic fields of rotating magnetized relativistic star\  \  \ \ Bobomurat Ahmedov Institute of Nuclear Physics Uzbekistan
P11-10 Wave scattering of by semi-infinite floating elastic plate over varying bed topography S. C. Martha Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, Rupnagar India
P11-11 Numerical study of transition flows over a rotationally oscillating circular cylinder H.V.R. Mittal Indian Institute of Technology Mandi India
P11-12 Geometric approach to domain wall solution Zhanat Zhunussova Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty Kazakhstan
P11-13 A review of approximate Lie symmetry methods for differential equations in theories of gravity Ibrar Hussain National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Pakistan
P11-14 A note on integrable systems type Lotka-Volterra and special functions Takashi Fujiwara Sakuyakonohana senior highschool Japan
P11-15 Condition of existence of phase transitions for a model on a Cayley tree of order $k \geq 2$ Golibjon Botirov Vice-Rector Uzbekistan
P11-16 Pulsatile flow through a annular tube of coaxial flexible cylinders with peristalsis : “ clot blood model”\ Kh Mekheimer Faculty of science, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt & Faculty of science, Taif University, Hawia, Taif , Saudi Arabia Egypt
P11-17 On 2d q-Hermite polynomials Ruiming Zhang Northwest A&F University China
P11-18 Poisson structures on low dimensional vector spaces Ruben Flores
Universidad de Sonora Mexico
P11-19 Deformation of elastic magnetizable square cylinder under external magnetic field Amr El dhaba Faculty of Science Egypt
P11-20 Deformation of an infinite, square cylinder of an elastic magnetizable material, subjected to an external magnetic field by a boundary integral method Amr El dhaba Faculty of Science - Damanhour university Egypt
P12 P12-01 On the rate of convergence of series of Banach space valued martingale differences Son Ta cong VNU, Hanoi University Science Vietnam
P12-02 Comparison of the em algorithm and the quasi-newton method: an application to mixtures of developmental trajectories Victor Mooto Nawa University of Zambia Zambia
P12-03 Potency of the residual surpluses of ogives Udobia Etukudo Federal College of Education (Technical), Omoku, Rivers State, Nigeria, Africa Nigeria
P12-04 Cycle decomposition and clustering of non-reversible Markov processes Ralf Banisch FU Berlin Germany
P12-05 Estimation of IBNR claims reserves using linear models Patrick Weke University of Nairobi Kenya
P12-06 Linear estimation of scale parameter for logistic distribution based on consecutive order statistics Patrick Weke University of Nairobi Kenya
P12-07 A paradox of measure-theoretic probability Guang-Liang Li The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
P12-08 Random 3D surfaces and their asymptotic behavior Leonid Petrov Northeastern University USA
P12-09 On reduction of $NP$ hard problem to the $P$ problem on the example of $1D$ spin glasses Ashot Gevorkyan Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems NAS of Armenia/ LIT JINR, Dubna, Russia Armenia
P12-10 Long-range dependence of Markov processes Kristine joy Carpio De La Salle University Philippines
P12-11 On semiparametric generalized additive models Jae-seong Yoo Korea University Republic of Korea
P12-12 Development study on spatial and spatial time models based on spatial data mining approach Budi nurani Ruchjana Universitas Padjadjaran Indonesia
P12-13 Empirical Bayes methods and q-value for estimating one-year insurance risk Le ping Liu Tianjin University of Finance and Economics China
P13 P13-01 A restricted coexistence principle for generalized complete graphs Kai-Rui Wang Yunnan University China
P13-02 On the location of roots of domination polynomials Mohammad reza Oboudi University of Isfahan, Iran Iran
P13-03 Independent Roman domination in graphs Nader Jafari rad Shahrood University of Technology Iran
P13-04 Quasi-symmetric designs and strongly regular graphs Shubhada Nyayate Dnyanasadhana College, Thane, Maharashtra-400 604, India
P13-05 Some efficiently solvable problems over integer partition polytopes Vladimir Shlyk Institute for Command Engineers, Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus Belarus
P13-06 Domination number of the intersection graph of ideals Reza Nikandish Jundi-Shapur University of Technology and Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, (IPM) Iran
P13-07 Some properties of the nilradical and non-nilradical graphs associated to the zero-divisor graph of finite commutative ring $Z_n$ Om Prakash I.I.T. Patna India
P13-08 The —algorithm of f—ast enumer—ation for m—ain pro˜blems of ™coding theory Yulia Medvedeva Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Information Sciences Russian Federation
P13-09 Asymptotic estimates for r-Whitney numbers of the second kind Cristina Corcino University of the Philippines-Diliman Philippines
P13-10 On multi poly-euler polynomials Roberto Corcino Mindanao State University Philippines
P13-11 Enumeration of ad-nilpotent ideals Fanja Rakoto-
Universite d'Antananarivo Madagascar
P13-12 On motion planning in product graphs. Biswajit Deb Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology India
P13-13 Double cylinder cycle codes of arbitrary girth Mohammad Gholami Assistant professor of Shahrekord University Iran
P13-14 Khintchine-Meinardus probabilistic method for asymptotic enumeration Boris Granovsky Technion, Haifa Israel
P13-15 Some properties of $(n-k)$-regular $3$-$\gamma_c$-critical graphs of order $n$ Nawarat Ananchuen Silpakorn University Thailand
P13-16 Mathematical analysis on efficiency of group project using game theory and graph theory Jaehee Park Kyeonggi Science High School Republic of Korea
P13-17 Some bounds of the linear discrepancy of a product of two posets Minseok Cheong Gyeonggi Science High School for the gifted Republic of Korea
P13-18 Choice identification number of complete bipartite graphs Ting-pang Chang National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan Taiwan
P13-19 On independent domination critical graphs and $k$-factor critical Watcharaphong Ananchuen Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University Thailand
P13-20 Coincidences of certain multilattices derived from the square and hexagonal lattices Jeanine Concepcion Arias University of the Philippines - Diliman Philippines
P13-21 On upper closed geodetic numbers of graphs Imelda Aniversario Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology Philippines
P13-22 Bijections among combinatorial models for shifted Littlewood-Richardson coefficients Sun-Young Nam Sogang university Republic of Korea
P13-23 Variations on the sum-product problem Oliver Roche-
University of Reading UK
P13-24 Proof of the four color theorem by hand Xiurang Qiao 93 society China
P13-25 On indicated coloring of graphs Francis Raj S Pondicherry University India
P13-26 Reduced Ramsey numbers for mutually-prime cliques and their restricted coexistence Rui Wang Yunnan University China
P13-27 The interesection graph of halfplanes Leonor Ruivivar De La Salle University Philippines
P13-28 A way finding the ramsey number r(k,l) and r(3,10)=41 qiao xiurang 93 Society China
P13-29 Generator subgraphs of some common classes of graphs Leonor Ruivivar De La Salle University Philippines
P13-30 A way finding r(k,l) and r(4,6)=36 Xiurang Qiao 93 society China
P13-31 $q$-Analogues of Sofo’s series involving reciprocals of binomial coefficients Sunil Dutt Purohit Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology India
P13-32 On complete asympotics of the q-exponential and q-gamma functions Ruiming Zhang Northwest A&F University China
P13-33 On generalized moment matrices Ruiming Zhang Northwest A&F University China
P13-34 Zagreb indices and coindices of r-subgraphs of certain graph types Ismail Naci Cangul Uludag University Turkey
P13-35 Large deviations and combinatorics Saha Hasina Randria-
University of Antananarivo Madagascar
P13-36 The Homfly polynomial of double crossover polyhedral links Xian'an Jin Xiamen University China
P14 P14-01 The classification of gynecologists and patients using Fuzzy-Stat modelling Vilas Kharat Univ. of Pune India
P14-02 Mathematical model for vision-based recognition of human gestures Setiawan Hadi Universitas Padjadjaran Indonesia
P14-03 Mobile phone application for ownership information concealing in digital images Rajalida Lipikorn Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University Thailand
P14-04 Estimation of learning function from sparse data using optimization technique JAJATI KESHARI SAHOO Birla Institute of Technology & Science Pilani-K.K. Birla Goa Campus India
P14-05 Structure of certain games Rainhard Bengez TU Munchen Germany
P14-06 Development of an efficient real-time image encryption technique based on quasigroups and chaotic systems VINOD PATIDAR Sir Padampat Singhania University India
P14-07 MathLibre: personalizable desktop environment for mathematics Tatsuyoshi Hamada Fukuoka University Japan
P14-08 CA algorithm for n-connectivity in 2D and 3D domains Biljana Stamatovic Montenegrin Montenegro
P14-09 Stability theorem of the depolarizing channel for the minimal output quantum Renyi entropies and its applications Eunok Bae Kyung Hee University Republic of Korea
P14-10 Some efficient constructions of visual cryptographic schemes using linear algebraic techniques: some future research problems Avishek Adhikari University of Calcutta India
P14-11 Classification of extremal type II $\mathbb{Z}_4$-codes of length 24 Rowena Alma Betty University of the Philippines-Diliman Philippines
P14-12 Morphological reconstruction in additive and substractive image color spaces Jose luis Vazquez
National University of Asuncion Paraguay
P14-13 On cosets and normal subgroup Babatunde Onasanya University of Ibadan Nigeria
P14-14 New primitive for multimedia encryption using chaos, concepts of rough sets and rule-based decision making Sakshi Dhall Jamia Millia Islamia University; Delhi Technological Univerity India
P14-15 On the multiplicativity of secret sharing schemes based on codes from complete graphs Romar dela Cruz University of the Philippines Diliman Philippines
P14-16 Incidence matrix of a semigraph Yogeshri Gaidhani MES Abasaheb Garware College, Pune India
P14-17 A handy decoding of an extremal self-dual code of length 40 Nari Lee Sogang University Republic of Korea
P14-18 Self-dual codes in Rosenbloom-Tsfasman metric Venkatrajam Marka National Institute of Technology Warangal India
P14-19 OFDM clipping distortion compensation using Hybrid ARQ Nargis Bibi University of manchester UK
P15 P15-01 New convergence results for gauss-seidel iteration Olabode matthias Bamigbola University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria Nigeria
P15-02 A new method for the construction of spline basis functions for sampling approximations Mijiddorj Renchin-
Mongolian State University of Education Mongolia
P15-03 Numerical computation of the two-level explicit methods in a non-dimensional form of the couple water quality models in a non-uniform flow stream Nopparat Pochai King Mongkut';s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Thailand
P15-04 The structure of flow over two rotating circular cylinders with different radii Surattana Sungnul King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok Thailand
P15-05 The 2-point quarter-sweep block arithmetic mean iterative method for solving fredholm integral equations of the second kind Mohana Muthuvalu Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Malaysia
P15-06 Sharper bounds for the zeros of quaternion polynomials Istkhar Ali Indian Institute of Technology Indore India
P15-07 A family of non-uniform mesh exponential spline methods for singularly perturbed singular boundary value problems with significant first derivatives Arshad Khan Jamia Millia Islamia ( Central University) India
P15-08 Fast combined algorithm for blind image restoration Yu-ying Shi North China Electric Power University China
P15-09 Numerical methods of rational form for PDEs Said Algarni King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Saudi Arabia
P15-10 Modular exponentiation algorithms protected against numerical attacks. David Tinoco UNAM Mexico
P15-11 Semi-analytical time differencing methods for stiff problems Thien Binh Nguyen Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) Republic of Korea
P15-12 Least squares finite element method for a nonlinear problem in glaciology Irene Monnesland Yonsei University Republic of Korea
P15-13 The convergence of characteristic finite element approximations for nonlinear Sobolev equations Jun Yong Shin Pukyong National University Republic of Korea
P15-14 Adaptive hybrid discontinuous Galerkin method for elliptic problems Dong-wook Shin Yonsei University Republic of Korea
P15-15 Expanded mixed finite element methods for semilinear pseudo-parabolic equations Mi Ray Ohm Dongseo University Republic of Korea
P15-16 An semi-Lagrangian scheme for the Burgers' type equations Soyoon Bak Kyungpook National Uinversity Republic of Korea
P15-17 Nodal high-order discontinuous galerkin method on the cubed sphere and non-conforming hp-refinement Jaemin Shin Yonsei University Republic of Korea
P15-18 A fuzzy MCDM based on new arithmetic operations between generalized fuzzy numbers Dat Luu quoc University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University (or National Taiwan University of Sience and Technology) Vietnam
P15-19 An error control strategy in error correction method Sunyoung Bu Ewha Womans University Republic of Korea
P15-20 A local region of interest reconstruction for electrical impedance tomography with internal electrode Hyeuknam Kwon Yonsei University Republic of Korea
P15-21 Boundary integral expression using plain wave type test function and its application for second order pde with constant coefficient Akira Sasamoto AIST East Japan
P15-22 On the calculation of acceptable cyclotomic numbers related to a prime factor below $10^{10}$ Ryuichi Sawae Okayama University of Science Japan
P15-23 Hyperbolic contour integral for option pricing Edgard Ngounda North-West University South Africa
P15-24 Design, analysis, and implementation of a lagrangian-eulerian approximation scheme for hyperbolic conservation laws and balance laws Eduardo Abreu University of Campinas - UNICAMP Brazil
P15-25 Numerical investigation of nonlinear singular fractional initial and boundary-value problems Qasem Al-mdallal United Arab Emirates University United Arab Emirates
P15-26 Approximation by smoothing splines in convex sets Svetlana Asmuss University of Latvia Latvia
P16 P16-01 Mathematical modelling of the commonality in product line design in a manufacturer-retailer distribution channel Dharma Lesmono Universitas Katolik Parahyangan Indonesia
P16-02 A class of hybrid methods for quasivariational inequality problems Thi Thu Van Nguyen University of Science, HoChiMinh City, Vietnam Vietnam
P16-03 A zero-sum game between a singular stochastic controller and a discretionary stopper Daniel Hernandez-hernandez Center Research for Mathematics Mexico
P16-04 Controllability of affine systems and 3-dimensional lie groups Ayse Kara Hansen Yildiz Technical University Turkey
P16-05 A branch-and-bound multi-parametric programming approach for non-convex multilevel optimization problems Semu Mitiku Kassa Addis Ababa University Ethiopia
P16-06 Farkas' lemma and Hahn-Banach theorem: generalizations and relations Dinh Nguyen International University, VN National University, Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam Vietnam
P16-07 The sénégaulois algorithm Babacar Mbaye Ndiaye Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar Senegal
P16-08 Vertex structure of the master corner polyhedron Vladimir Shlyk Institute for Command Engineers, Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus Belarus
P16-09 Global optimization of the difference of polyhedral functions Lyudmila Polyakova Saint Peterssburg State University Russian Federation
P16-10 The distributional robust classify problem with uncertainties Cong Cheng Northeastern University China
P16-11 The turned-out slab pile optimation based on data-driven and simulation Yanhe Jia Northeastern University China
P16-12 Weak generalized solution of the boundary control problem for the process of oscillation described by the Fredholm integro-differential equation Elmira Abdyldaeva Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University Kyrgyzstan
P16-13 Optimization of the ladles in BF-BOF route by using queueing theory Xueyun Cao Northeastern University China
P16-14 Stability analysis and reduction of a class of production and inventory control system possessing symmetries Yuan Wang The Logistics Institute, Northeastern University, Liaoning, China China
P16-15 An adaptive nonmonotone trust region method for solving systems of equalities and inequalities Mohammad reza Peyghami K.N. Toosi University of Technology Iran
P16-16 Optimal resonances in optical cavities and level surfaces of characteristic functionals Illia Karabash Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Ukraine
P16-17 Mathematical model for studying leadership with cronyism Chartchai Leenawong Faculty of Science, King Mongkut';s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Thailand
P16-18 A new approach to problems of global stability of dynamical systems Ngoc Pham huu
International University, Vietnam National university-HCMC Vietnam
P16-19 On extensions of Kenderov's single-valuedness result for monotone maps Yboon Garcia
Universidad del Pacifico Peru
P16-20 Methods for special structured quadratic constrained quadratic programmings Cong Sun Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications China
P16-21 A non-standard approach to inverse problems of the calculus of variations for second order equations with deviating arguments and partial derivatives Galina Kurina Voronezh State University Russian Federation
P16-22 Analysis and semidiscrete Galerkin approximation of some class of nonlinear evolution control problems Andrzej Just Lodz University of Technology Poland
P16-23 About solvability of optimal control synthesis problems over thermal processes Sovetkan Kurmanova Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University Kyrgyzstan
P16-24 Saddle point optimality under uncertain environment Yuanguo Zhu Nanjing University of Science and Technology China
P16-25 Indifference valuation using the logarithmic utility function Daryl Allen Saddi University of the Philippines - Diliman Philippines
P16-26 Shape optimization techniques to detect an inclusion immersed in a fluid Chahnaz zakia Timimoun University of Oran, Algeria Algeria
P16-27 A generalization of Blaschke's convergence theorem for metric spaces Hai Nguyen ngoc International University Vietnam
P16-28 Existence and coderivative estimates of error bounds for some sets in set optimization Duc Ha Truong Xuan Institute of Mathematics, Hanoi Vietnam
P17 P17-01 Significance of climate factors on scorpion sting incidence in naama province Schehrazad Selmane University of Sciences and Tchnology Houri Boumediene Algeria
P17-02 Natural convection cooling and entropy generation by different nanofluids in an odd-shaped cavity Salma Parvin Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Bangladesh
P17-03 Mathematical modelling of flow in the human eye Zuhaila Ismail Faculty of Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310 Johor, Malaysia. Malaysia
P17-04 Convective heating effects on entropy generation rate in a channel with porous wall Adetayo Eegunjobi POLYTECHNIC OF NAMIBIA Namibia
P17-05 Determination of pollutant source location at the confluence of two rivers Basuki widodo Soparman Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember-Surabaya Indonesia
P17-06 Unsteady flow and heat transfer in a thin film of Ostwald-de Waele liquid over a stretching surface Kerehalli Vinayaka
Vijayanagar Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Vinayka Nagar, Bellary- 583 104, Karnataka, India India
P17-07 Asymptotic behavior of the flow in a thin 3D-domain with rough boundary Afonso fernando Tsandzana Fernando Quinzana Tsandzana and Rosita Xerindza Mozambique
P17-08 Solving some inverse problems by means of genetic algorithm Anna Astrakova Institute of Computational Technologies SB RAS Russian Federation
P17-09 Mathematical model: eyelid blinking and airflow forced convection effects in human eye temperature Gokul K.c. Kathmandu University Nepal
P17-10 Mathematical modeling of sex related differences in the sensitivity of the sweating heat loss responses to change in body temperature Saraswati Acharya Kathmandu University Nepal
P17-11 Harmonic analysis by time weighted fourier coeeffitients Michael Oladejo Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna, Nigeria Nigeria
P17-12 A new robust load distribution optimization problem of hot strip mill based on geometric programming Lianjie Tang Northeastern University China
P17-13 An improved PCA with manifold and its application in BOF Yongxia Liu Northeastern University China
P17-14 Optimization of food sciences in science and mathematics faculty of SWCU in Indonesia Hanna Arini Parhusip Satya Wacana Christian University Indonesia
P17-15 A basis projection method for the clustering of intermittent time-series data Duncan Barrack University of Nottingham, UK UK
P17-16 Mathematical analysis of a multistable switch model of cell differentiation Cherryl Talaue University of the Philippines Diliman Philippines
P17-17 The problem of acoustic signal processing by the radiative transfer theory's methods Andrei Sushchenko Far Eastern Federal University Russian Federation
P17-18 Behavior pattern discovery using behavior matrices and behavior prediction relationships Jade Ventura University of the Philippines Diliman Philippines
P17-19 A dynamical system on the deposit and loan volumes of banks for analyzing the reserve requirement Novriana Sumarti Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia Indonesia
P17-20 A scheme for reducing the compression ratio of text files Sunday Adewumi Federal University Lokoja Nigeria
P17-21 Onset of thermovibrational filtration convection in viscoelastic fluids Saravanan Shanmugam Bharathiar University India
P17-22 Characterization of metal artifacts in X-ray computed tomography Hyoung Suk Park Yonsei University Republic of Korea
P17-23 Spatial-temporal diffusion model and early intervention policies of pandemic influenza A/H1N1 in South Korea Jonggul Lee Konkuk University Republic of Korea
P17-24 Modeling the jonint epidemics of tuberculosis and smoking in South Korea Sunhwa Choi Konkuk University Republic of Korea
P17-25 Mathematical modelling of insulin resistance linking type 2 diabetes and alzheimer's disease Angelyn Lao Dr.-Ing. Philippines
P17-26 Homomorphism, isomorphism, tetration and zeration applications in numerical methods Konstantin Rubtsov The National Research University “Belgorod State University” (“BelSU”). Russian Federation
P17-27 Nonlinear dynamic analysis of stiffened functionally graded circular cylindrical thin shells under external pressure & surrounded by an elastic medium Dung Dao Van Professor at Department of Mathematics - Mechanics - Informatics, Vietnam National University Ha Noi, Vietnam, Socialist Republic of Vietnam
P17-28 Phase field equation in the singular limit of Stefan problem Jun-ichi Koga Saitama University Japan
P17-29 The influence of symmetry and temperature dependent viscosity in the instabilities developed in fluid convection Jezabel Curbelo Instituto de Ciencias Matematicas - UAM Spain
P17-30 Contigent claim approach to bank valuation Enahoro Owoloko Covenant University Nigeria
P17-31 Asteroid seismology: using natural frequencies distribution to infer internal structure James D. Walker Southwest Research Institute USA
P17-32 Inverse problem in quantitative susceptibility mapping-existence, uniqueness, and analysis on streaking artifacts Jae kyu Choi Yonsei University Republic of Korea
P17-33 Wavelet decomposition of Hermite type splines Thi nhu bich Le Hue University's College of Education Vietnam
P17-34 Mathematical approach for data mining in news articles Kyunghoon Kim UNIST Republic of Korea
P17-35 The likelihood of full ionisation in binary star interactions Winston Sweatman Massey University (and President, New Zealand Mathematical Society) New Zealand
P17-36 Stress changes along a branched and segmented strike-slip fault Laarni Dela cruz University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus Philippines
P17-37 A new method for comparing DNA sequences based on codons Ali Iranmanesh Tarbiat Modares University Iran
P17-38 Mathematical investigation of the impact of predation and tick parasitism on breeding Socotra cormorants on Siniya Island, UAE. Qasem Al-Mdallal UAE University United Arab Emirates
P17-39 The statistical analysis of the socio-economic factors of biogas users of countries such as Nepal Jyoti Devkota Professor, Kathmandu University Nepal
P17-40 Multiple objective optimization in the citric acid metabolic pathway of Aspergillus niger Cherryl Talaue University of the Philippines Diliman Philippines
P18 P18-01 A metacognitiva reflection of the thinking types through mathematical research. Convergence vs. Divergence Mauro Garcia University Antonio Narino Colombia
P18-02 South texas models for course redesign in mathematics Jerzy Mogilski University of Texas at Brownsville USA
P18-03 Teaching permutation and combination using play-way method Deborah Makinde Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria Nigeria
P18-04 Comparative study on gender and mathematics in Africa and Middle East NOUZHA EL YACOUBI University Mohammed V-Agdal Rabat Morocco
P18-05 Elementary statistics learning methods based on natural kapuas river laboratory Muhlasah Mara tanjungpura university Indonesia
P18-06 How does a teacher respond to the diversity in the mathematics classrooms with immigrant learners in South Africa Thulisile Nkambule university of the Witwatersrand South Africa
P18-07 Problem posing as a means for developing mathematical thinking Uldarico Malaspina Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru Peru
P18-08 Axiomatic approach of evaluating instructional delivery in mathematics Udobia Etukudo Federal College of Education (Technical), Omoku, Rivers State, Nigeria, Africa Nigeria
P18-09 Block model approach in problem solving: effects on problem solving performance of the grade V pupils in mathematics Nino jose De guzman La Salle Green Hills Philippines
P18-10 Mathematics in latin american and caribbean: challenges and opportunities Luis Caceres University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez PuertoRico
P18-11 An introductory mathematics course to enhance global competence, innovation and creativity Joyati Debnath Winona State University USA
P18-12 It is necessarily so: Introducing number systems to math teachers, why and how? Talma Leviatan Tel Aviv University Israel
P18-13 HOTS: A theoretical framework for the nexus connecting teachers’ beliefs, classroom practice, students’ beliefs and students’ mathematics performance Elizar Elizar The University of Adelaide Australia
P18-14 Archimedean stars and spherical harmony on geometric tube design Hongtaek Hwang Kumoh National Institute of Technology Republic of Korea
P18-15 Enhancing the blended learning experience of Math2107 students Asma Al-Ghassani Sultan Qaboos University Oman
P18-16 Arts revealed in calculus and its extension Hanna Arini Parhusip Satya Wacana Christian University Indonesia
P18-17 Development of teaching materials using mathematica$®$ Utomporn Phalavonk King Mongut's University of Technology North Bangkok Thailand
P18-18 How to fold a regular pentagon from a square Joon Hyuk Jung Seoul Science High School Republic of Korea
P18-19 Using dynamic geometry in teaching mathematics: the case of the concept of function Nga Nguyen thi University of Education of Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam
P18-20 Filling the actuarial education gap: development of a dual-degree program in actuarial mathematics Darren Mason Albion College USA
P18-21 Exploring the results of thales theorem and its relationship to other shapes among iranian mathematic high school students Roghayeh Akhbari Azad university of mashhad Iran
P18-22 Flipped classroom instruction for parametric surface in multivariable calculus Younggon Bae Seoul National University Republic of Korea
P18-23 Students' difficulties with proof at collegial level. Case study: comlex analysis Nadia AZROU University Yahia Fares, Medea, Algeria Algeria
P18-24 History + familiarization = appreciation: a proposal to introduce the history of mathematics at the basic education levels Carlene perpetua Arceo University of the Philippines Philippines
P18-25 Solving a geometrical exercise from four perspectives Roghayeh Akhbari Azad university of mashhad Iran
P18-26 Purpose and humanism in mathematics education research Gizem Karaali Pomona College USA
P18-27 The pattern of generalization on Tower of Hanoi with n pegs Jinwoo Seo Galmoe middle school Republic of Korea
P18-28 Problem-based learning in undergraduate mathematics courses through embedded librarianship Natanael Karjanto Nazarbayev University Kazakhstan
P18-29 On polar taxicab geometry in a plane Byung Hak Kim Kyung Hee University Republic of Korea
P18-30 Fractal sculpture using 3D printing technology Jeong Hoon Park Gyeonggi Science High School for the Gifted Republic of Korea
P18-31 Using mathematical software to create interactive graphs and simulations as a learning support Elisabete Alberdi Celaya EUIT de Minas y Obras Publicas, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU Spain
P18-32 Statistics laboratory using sage Jae Hwa Lee Hallym University Republic of Korea
P18-33 Homework – how to study mathematics using educational repositories Pedro Paulo Cavalcante Instituto de Matematica Pura e Aplicada - IMPA Brazil
P18-34 Supporting international student mobility with e-learning Antti Rasila Aalto University Finland
P19 P19-01 The earlier toil and moil in proving on the describability of trigonometric series Shigeru Masuda Kyoto University Japan
P19-02 Astronomy at jantar mantar observatories: lessons from the past Aalok Pandya JECRC University,Jaipur,Rajasthan,India India
P19-03 Euler and a continued fraction expansion of the hypergeometric series of Wallis Antonia Redondo
I.E.S. Bachiller Sabuco Spain
P19-04 Relation between spirals in prehispanic ceramic with math´spirals. Jose luis Mamani Mathematic teacher Argentina
P19-05 A brief survey of Bhaskaracharya's work Mandar Bhanushe University of Mumbai India
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